Full of bright ideas

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

What have I been up to recently? Well as you know Xmas came and went but I still had time to make my own wreath again this year (only just!) With the help of my mini work force (3 children under 6) we went dog walking with secuteers in hand to find greenery  to fill our wreath. Luca helped with some lovely simple glittery pine cones (que PVA and glitter on anything that moved including the dog!) and mummy wielded the gold spray for some left over Eucalptus I had left over from some a bunch of flower. A tight trim of the hebe bush in the front garden, some florists cinnamon sticks and a day of drying out sliced oranges in the airing cuboard and we had all we needed! Add in a few baubles and hey presto a beautifully adorned front door!